Not Seeing Results ?

The Ultimate Body Applicator has an estimate effectiveness rate of 98% because it DOES indeed work in the large majority of people. If you are concerned that you aren’t seeing a loss in inches, let’s quickly go over what the product DOES:

  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks: The active ingredients infused into the wrap will start working on your skin before anything else. Your skin will both look and feel differently. It may be smoother and will definitely feel hydrated. If you’ve seen this change, then the wrap is indeed working.
  • How much water are you drinking: As with any product designed to help the body in the detoxifying process, the applicator relies on a lot of water to get its job done. It is very important that you stay hydrated in the 72 hours immediately following the wrap application.
  • What are you putting INTO your body?: Are you taking certain medications that may cause your body to retain water? Do you smoke or drink a lot of coffee? Are you still eating a lot of greasy food with a lot of salt? These are just a few things that can and will counter to effect of the applicator. Remember to keep your body hydrated, cut out the caffeinated drinks and salty foods.
  • What is on your skin when you apply the wrap?: It is important that your skin be clean and clear of any lotions, powders or products that build layers on your skin making it difficult for the applicator cream to penetrate your pores. If necessary, consider using a body scrub as well.

The initial bloating that you may feel in the first 24 hours is totally normal.  You have increased your water intake and this may happen to you.  You are helping your body to flush the impurities out of your system. So Keep On Drinking!!!

Finally remember that everyone’s body will respond differently. Don’t expect to use the product once and look like a super model 45 minutes later. The wraps comes four in a box for a reason. Using one wrap is just the beginning, follow through the full treatment every 72 hours. We recommend using the product consistently for a full 90 days to achieve maximum results!

Keep us posted on your results – we love testimonies and great before and after pictures!


If you have tried weight loss programs, exercise, or diet after diet and still have unwanted inches, cellulite or loose skin, then a body wrap is the answer. Learn more about the best body wraps for the hourglass body shaper.
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