Where Can I Use the Ultimate Body Applicator by It Works Global?

The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator is safe to use on any part of the body. In fact, there is even an applicator designed especially for your face. The facial applicator comes with spaces for your eyes, nose and mouth pre-cut. The standard Ultimate Body Applicator is approximately 13″ x 21″ in size. When using the applicator on places like your legs, arms or even the neck – it is okay to cut the applicator in half or smaller pieces if necessary.

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It Works body wraps repeatedly popped up on my radar over the past year after receiving emails from readers of my blog and from colleagues asking what I thought of the product.

In my research, I found a disproportionately high number of spammy sales sites which were clearly biased to sell the product and comparatively few reliable reviews.

Some high-ranking reviews try to look reputable, but their sole purpose is to get you to click on affiliate links for some other miracle supplement or potion (here are two spammy review examples here and here).

In light of all the rubbish information out there, I decided to take the time to write an independent and unbiased It Works review current as of April 2017.  Disclosure: there are NO spammy affiliate links in this article, but there are Google Adsense blocks over which I have no control.

The company website makes claims that their wraps can “tighten, tone, and firm” your body by minimising the appearance of cellulite and improving skin texture and tightness, all in a space of 45 minutes.

This sounds like great marketing, but is there any evidence that the product can live up to the hype? Will these wraps give you the body of your dreams?  Will they cause weight loss?

When it comes to “results,” you have to consider your own personal expectations against what the product ingredients are actually able to do.

In this independent no-conflict-of-interest review, I will critically evaluate the company’s marketing claims and provide my no-hype conclusion at the end.

What are they?

It Works is a multi-level marketing company that sells its body wraps (and Fat Fighter supplements) by independent “Wrapreneurs” (entrepreneurs that sell body wraps).

Like most MLM products, the idea is simple enough: sell wraps, get your friends to join as wrapreneurs, and make money from ongoing downline sales.

It Works is comprised of a suite of three products:

  • The Ultimate Body Applicator
  • Fab Wrap
  • Defining Gel (the gel has most of the same ingredients as in the wraps but is used without the wrap like a thigh cream)

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