What Are The Benefits of The Ultimate Profit Protein Powder?

First and foremost protein is used for the production of muscles. Proteins are also used to manufacture hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components.

No matter if you’re trying to gain weight, loss weight, or build muscles you will benefit from a protein shake. The Ultimate Porfit from It Works Global is a great top notch form of protein. Why Ultimate ProFIT you ask? You will experience quicker post-workout recovery, build lean muscle mass with fewer calories, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, get feel-good, mood-elevating energy with maca and cacao powder, all while promoting healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers.

The minimum amount of protein that you should take in for building muscle is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Any additional protein that exceeds the daily minimum for muscle gain just helps to speed up the healing process.

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The best time to get protein into the body is after a workout!! Taking protein at that time will give the body the fuel it needs to heal and grow. The protein is delivered to your muscles, to begin healing the “micro tears” in the muscle. Solid food takes more time to digest and to break down the protein. The quickest way to get the protein that you need is through a top-notch protein shake, which only takes about 30 minutes to reach the muscle after ingestion.

Ultimate ProFIT is powered by:

  • Sustain-It™, a smarter protein blend for maximum bioavailability in every gram.
  • FITzyme™, a cutting-edge blend of enzymes, helps maximize your body’s ability to absorb Sustain-It™.
  • FITboost™, an antioxidant blend of mood-elevating “superfoods” for immune system health.*
  • Non-hormonal and non-GMO whey and soy proteins.
  • Natural, whole-food ingredients with only 100 calories per serving!

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