It Works Hair Skin Nails & What It Did For Me!

It Works Hair Skin Nails & What It Did For Me!

For the last two years I have been team natural. I decided (was forced) to go natural while I was pregnant with my son. It was an easy transition for me because I’ve always worn some types of protective hair styles. Be it braids, a sew-in, weave caps, wigs, and even lace fronts wigs.  I can honestly say my hair was beautiful in its natural state, but I wasn’t ready to go without some type of add on a.k.a weave.

I’m not ashamed to say it because I know I’m not the only woman in the world addicted to buying hair lol. I love the versatility it allowed me to have, the time I saved not having to do my own natural hair, and the simple thrill of trying the different types of hair around the world.

Like most things in life, a good thing can go badly very quickly and it did for me. A month ago I had a very bad experience with my hair. A good weave went bad lol! I had a handmade wig cap on for about two weeks. I loved the look and the hair itself. I was rushing to work one morning and realized I had a few sliding tracks. Instead of taking my time to fix my hair, I put a bunch of  bonding glue on my wig and went on with my day. A week later when I went to take my cap off, it was stuck to my natural hair. I put way too much glue on my cap and it soaked right onto my hair. I tried everything to get it off, but had no luck. The only solution was to cut the cap off and my hair along with it.

After crying for an hour, I had to cut the wig cap off of my hair. My hair looked HORIBBLE! Not only was I almost bald, but I had a patch of hair missing in the front of my head. The shock factor was very real for me. I felt ugly, like I looked like a boy, and was ashamed to admit it was my own fault. I knew better to put bonding glue in my hair, but I did anyway.

I hadn’t tried the It Works Hair skin nails yet, but had many friends, family, and clients who have. So I quickly placed my order and waited for my shipment. After three weeks of taking Hair Skin Nails, my bald spot filled in!! I was amazed and happy that my hair was growing back in so quickly.

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When it comes to showing proof I can honestly say, I am the PROOF. Not only is my hair growing quickly, my skin has a glow to it. I don’t have to put tones of products on my skin anymore. All I do is take two hair skin nail supplements in the morning and keep it pushing.

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