It Works Defining Gel

It Works Defining Gel

The It Works Defining gel is amazing deeply hydrating body contouring gel that can be used both as a stand-alone beauty product or as the perfect complement to the It Works body wraps (Ultimate Body Applicator)helping you to enhance and maintain your body wrap results. The body contouring Defining Gel helps to firm the body and be used in areas such as your neck, upper body, abdomen, back, legs, and arms. It also helps to reduce the appearance of those unsightly varicose veins and cellulite.

How Do I Use It Works Defining Gel?

I recommend using It Works Defining Gel together with It Works body wraps as the two products together will maximize your results.  You will find some of the same highly effective ingredients from the wrap, in the It Works Defining Gel as well. For example, green tea leaf, eucalyptus and seaweed extract are found in the Ultimate Body Applicator but in smaller amounts.  Defining Gel hydrates, softens, tones and firms giving you more youthful looking skin.

It Works Defining Gel before and after pic - It Works Defining Gel

It Works Defining Gel should be applied once or twice per day, massaging it into your skin for maximum benefits. You will see enhanced results over time when using the gel and wraps. You do not want to apply defining gel to your skin right before or during your wrap, as the wrap works best on dry, clean skin. It Works Defining Gel should be used after removing the Ultimate Body Applicator and in between wrap applications.

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How Do I Purchase It Works Defining Gel?

You can order the It Works Defining Gel online and have it shipped directly to your home. You can save $30 when you purchase Defining Gel as a Loyal Customer. Otherwise, it costs $75 when you purchase it at the retail price. Click the button below to go to the ordering page.


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