About Me

HEEEY!! My name is Akira I’m a recent college grad and a proud mother of a 2 year old son.  For most of my life I’ve been very active. I have always been one to pride myself in staying physically fit and athletic. I enjoy working out, yoga, boxing, running and just about anything that keeps my adrenaline pumping.

That all changed during my pregnancy!! For nine months I was sluggish, tired, and I ate EVERYTHING I wanted! While I enjoyed stuffing my face with all my fav’s, I gained close to 70 pounds! I had every intention on working out and getting back to my athletic frame but things did not work out that way for me.

Anti aging

Who can use it?

Motherhood took priority over everything!!! Quick meals before class, fast food four nights a week, little to no sleep and a newborn, I had time for nothing else. Between my son, work, and grad school I had no time for myself better yet time to exercise .

After having a heart to heart with my sister about how I felt about my body and my extra baby weight, she told me about IT WORKS. At first I didn’t believe a word that came out her mouth, even after she showed me her before and after pictures of her own body. It wasn’t until she forced me to try the It Works ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR Wrap for myself.

She measured my stomach and wrapped me up! Just like I thought I did not see any difference. My sister then explained why there was 4 body wraps in a pack. 72 hours later my sister and I repeated the same process and an hour later I was shocked. I had lost 3 inches and felt like the “Next Top Model”!

Since that day I have used all of It Works products in some type of way. The ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR , GREENS  TOGO, NEW YOU and all of the SKIN CARE products. To date I have lost 6 inches around my waist, my skin is smoother and I have more energy. I can honestly say IT WORKS really works!

In April 2013 I became an It Works distributor! I can honestly say it changed my life for the better. Not only did I get the body/health I wanted but I also had the ability to help others in their transformations as well. The smiles on my clients faces as they look in the mirror keeps me motivated, proud, and reminds me why I started this business for myself.

An extra bonus of becoming a distributor is the limitless income it brings in. I would be lying if I said I did not need the extra income every month. There are three ways to make money in this business and I enjoy the benefits of all three!!