The Benefits of Using NeOpuntia Products!

It Works Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors is by far one of the most popular products in the weight loss catorgoy world wide. One of the leading active ingerdients is NeOpuntia.

NeOpuntia is a cactus fiber from the prickly pear cactus family. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular weight loss ingredient because of its high fiber content and its ability to pull excess fat from the digestion system after eating. It does this by surrounding the fat molecules and not allowing them to be digested and stored in the body.

NeOpuntia works because it has lipophilic properties. Lipophilic substances will bind to fats and cause a hydrophobic interaction. Once interacted the body excretes these molecules instead of take them up and store them. NeOpuntia also helps to increase motility of the digestive system which will also help reduce the amount of calories taken into the body.

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What Are the Side Effects of NeOpuntia?

While this weight loss ingredient is made from all natural sources, it does not mean that it doesn’t have any negative side effects to the body. The dehydrated cactus leaves are rich in fiber, which means that like any other fibers, taking too much will result to nausea, gas, stomach cramps, and constipation. All of these side effects can be avoided by consuming safe amounts of the ingredient or by drinking more water.

While consuming this weight loss ingredient is considered safe, people should still consult their doctors and ask them if it is safe for them to take such ingredient. This is important, especially for people who are under special medication or have a health condition.


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